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What We Provide

1 hour minimum charge on all services. 


Grocery Shopping

Give us your grocery list and let us handle the shopping for you. 1 hour min.  All rates are per hour unless otherwise noted.  We go to Sam’s & Costco too.

Personal Errands

Postal Run, Pharmacy pick up, Gift shopping, Returns or Exchanges.   All rates are per hour unless otherwise noted.

Food Delivery

Door Dash, Grub Hub or Uber Eats can’t deliver.  LTB has you covered.  We will pick up food from client specified restaurant and deliver to client or client specified address.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Delivery & Pick-Up

Your favorite dry cleaner doesn’t offer delivery.  Don’t fret!  We can pick-up and drop-off to and from your preferred cleaner.

Vehicle Maintenance

Schedule too hectic but car needs service.  Call us – we will help lighten your load by taking your car to your preferred vendor for service and we can wait for the service and return car when ready. If it’s major service, we can drop off and pick up and return when ready.

Waiting Service

Need someone to be home for the cable installer, UPS or FedEx package that requires a signature or any delivery requiring someone 18 and over.  We can handle it for you. 

Envelope Stuffing & mailout

Have a mail project that require more hands.  We do that too. Instead of charging by the piece, we charge by the hour. We will stuff the envelopes, adhere the mailing labels and stamps and drop at post office too.

Gifts Gifts & more Gifts

We can shop for the gift, have gift wrapped & deliver or ship gift as needed. You just sit back and receive all of the compliments!

And more……. Just ask. If it’s legal and ethical we will do it.

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