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Corporate Programs

It's about the benefits and creating a work/life balance.   Corporate Concierge service can help your employees achieve that. 

Lifting the Burden can help your employees balance the pressures of work and home by taking care of their personal errands while they stay focused on the job.

Lifting the Burden offers flexible programs for companies interested in offering personal errand services to employees. Lifting the Burden also provides corporate services such as selecting and delivering client gifts, employee recognition items, etc., as part of its corporate errand program


Monthly Retainer

Lifting the Burden will negotiate a monthly retainer based on the number of employees and the desired number of hours per employee. The monthly retainer covers Lifting the Burden's services. Out-of-pocket costs will be billed separately. 

Monthly Packages

Lifting the Burden also sells monthly packages. Lifting the Burden’s hourly charge is based on the number of hours purchased. For example, one of Lifting the Burden’s corporate clients purchases 20 hours a month for the employees and/or the company to use.

On-site Concierge

Dedicated full or part-time on-site concierge staffing with access to virtual scheduling.

Employee Co-pay

This program allows the company and the employee to share the cost of Lifting the Burden's services. For example, employers can design a program to provide each employee up to 5 hours of personal errand services per month, with the company covering 75 percent of Lifting the Burden's hourly fee, and the employee covering 25 percent.

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