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It's Time to Play

Making time to play is no laughing matter

When you think of play, who pops into your head? For most of us, it’s children.

But children aren’t the only ones who can play! For a long time, we’ve known that play is vital for children’s development.

But did you realize play is important for adults too?

According to HelpGuide, play can:

  • Reduce our stress levels

  • Boost our creativity

  • Improve our social connections

  • Encourage teamwork and innovation

  • Improve brain function

If you’re convinced, your next challenge might be where to start. You might be a little rusty in the play department. One trick is to think of all the ways you liked to play when you were a kid.

Did you love riding your bike with others? Why not try renting one for a day.

Were you a fan of family game night? Adult game nights can be super fun too! Try hosting one!

Did you lock yourself in your room and draw for hours? Maybe take an art class or watch some YouTube drawing tutorials.

If you’ve forgotten how to play, it might take some practice. As long as your only purpose is to have a good time, you’re doing it right!

The biggest challenge most of us have is making time in our busy schedules for play and fun.

Here are three tips that can help.

  1. Pencil it in! For many people, tasks only get accomplished if they’re on the schedule. Schedule a few minutes of playtime each day or week.

  2. Habit stack. What’s something else you’re already in the habit of doing? Try stacking your playtime on top of this habit. For example, you already brush your teeth every night. Get in the habit of following that up with your favorite crossword puzzle book.

  3. Get help. At Lifting the Burden, we’ll take care of your day-to-day tasks so you can take care of your mental health. If it’s legal and ethical, we’ll do it for you.

Making time to play is no laughing matter. We want you to be as happy and well as can be!

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