Delivery Service

Fast and reliable delivery of special occasion gifts, documents or small packages, meals, and personal or business items.


We can arrange or support short/long term rentals, corporate housing, area orientation and more.  

Corporate Programs


It's the ultimate benefit that helps companies attract and retain valued employees.
Lifting the Burden can help your employees balance the pressures of work and home by taking care of their personal errands while they stay focused on the job.

Lifting the Burden offers flexible programs for companies interested in offering personal errand services to employees. Lifting the Burden also provides corporate services such as selecting and delivering client gifts, employee recognition items, etc., as part of its corporate errand program.

Wait Service

We can stand by and wait for that package, delivery or repairman.  We will be ready when you need us.

Featured Services

We now serve:  DFW, Tyler, Houston & San Antonio

General Errands

When there's just not enough time in the day, we're ready to help with grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, securing event tickets, and other personal errands.

need a extra pair of hands? we can help.